A Crisis of Innocence

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Charlton Crime and Justice #19.jpg
Comic cover featuring a multi-panel story of four murders.

Better:Standard Out of the Shadows #9.jpg
Comic cover portraying a live skeleton returning home, as a man and woman look on in fright.

Southtown Economist April 8 1945 crop.jpg
Features an ad for a television program that would be airing on WGN in which the 'comics' series being presented by the Southtown Economist would be discussed by pastor Dr. Preston Bradley. Additionally explores sex in crime comics and the way it…

Discusses "The Current Scene" television program, which will include subjects from The Courant's campaign against comics.

A clip from the 1988 film "Comic Book Confidential." The video features an interview with Dr. Fredric Wertham in which he condemns comics for corrupting children

Gettysburg Times September 13 1955.pdf
OutlinES a bill in Pennsylvania that 11 female members of commerce were hoping to have pass that would see the publication and distribution of comics to those under the age of 18 as a criminal offence. In breaking this law the offender would be…

True Comics #2, pg. 67.jpg
Advertisement directed at children for a volume of books in "The What-Every-Child-Should-Know Library."

All Famous Police Cases #6, pg. 35.jpg
Advertisement aimed at children for a collection of detailed plastic soldiers and weapons.

Crime and Punishment #8, pg. 6.jpg
Reader's forum page with a running theme that Crime and Punishment has been a positive educational force in the life of children.

Many images in this book depict idealized childhood innocence. Most of the images feature children away from adults in what can be considered their most natural state.
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